Vibrant Traditional Bangers by Heinz

Vibrant Traditional Bangers by Heinz

Single-sitting tattoos with a whole lot of attitude.

If you like your bangers as old-school, colorful, and kickass as can be, then Heinz's body of work is for you. He makes jaw-dropping illustrations of classic motifs in the traditional style. Though his approach to this genre of tattooing remains faithful to its roots, he adds a lot of character to the figures he renders onto his clients' skin, making them stand out stylistically. His tattoos, with their bold line work and electrifying coloration, are almost too intense for words. So, get ready to be blown away by this small sample of some of his recent bangers.

In his bio on the website for Psycho Tattoo Studio, which he owns, he references his influences, artists such as Bob Roberts, Ed Hardy, and Mike Malone. Perusing his portfolio, you can immediately see how he's taken the principles of these celebrated tattooists' work and expounded on them to create his own take on the style. He employs conventionally bold lines but pushes the boundaries when it comes to coloration. His bangers, for example, are rife with contrasting chroma, which makes them quite spectacular to behold in lieu of their small size. 

Heinz really imbues his figures with a strong sense of personality. His pinups and lady heads, for instance, come in a vast emotional array. Some of them are expressly seductive or determined-looking, while others exemplify a carefree nonchalance. He also does awesome tattoos of creatures like snakes and jungle cats that scream with intensity. Sometimes they even take on a hint of humor as seen in his cheeky tattoo of a stoned tiger. Speaking of hilarity, his tattoo of a reaper with sex on its mind is almost too good to be true. It's the perfect example of how he takes conventional motifs and spins them on their heads. 

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If you want to see more of Heinz's killer bangers, make sure to swing on by his Instagram. His shop is in Rome, should you want a single-sitting tattoo from his of your very own.

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