VIDEO: The Art Of Escapism - UK Bamboo Tattoo Artist Tarly Marr

VIDEO: The Art Of Escapism - UK Bamboo Tattoo Artist Tarly Marr

The Art of Escapism is the fourth short film and first documentary from film collective Pallas Pictures.

The film is an intimate portrait of a UK bamboo tattoo artist who is always on the move, Tarly Marr.

It tells his personal story on how he has found both escapism and direction in the ancient art of hand-poked tattooing. 

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The film alternates between Tarly Marr talking candidly about his art form, his personal journey, and his past experiences with footage that shows the intricacies of the Thai artform as he creates one of his unique tattoos. 

Tarly, bare-chested and displaying his own ink, talks direct to camera about the life choices, good and bad, that have led him to this moment in life.

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The film is directed by Pallas Pictures co-founder Charles Willcocks and is shot beautifully by director of photography Jack Homan, edited by Beverley Maguire and is written by co-founder Ryan Lewis.

Director Charles Willcocks says “So many films on tattoos and tattoo artists are similar and formulaic. I wanted this to be a much more personal portrait of the artist but without being an advertorial puff piece too. We had to strike that balance between creating a piece of art in itself and creating something Tarly could himself be proud to showcase.”

Tarly Marr: “I was honoured to have the film made about me and for someone to connect my own story to my artwork.

He adds: "Time is precious in the Western World but if this films helps people to understand the uniqueness of hand-poked tattoos and consider getting one instead of a machine tattoo – then it will have done what I hoped for.”

Bamboo handpoke tattooing #TarlyMarr #handpoke #bamboo #documentary

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