Vintage Items and Significant Objects by Marco Condor

Vintage Items and Significant Objects by Marco Condor

Memorable neo traditional tattoos of things and places by Marco Condor, tattooer from Padova, Italy.

There will always be significant objects that remind us of a certain person, place or time, and that has a special place in our hearts. However common or simple that object is, what makes it unique to us is the memory it holds. 

Same goes for vintage items that evoke nostalgia from our childhood... like the toys we used to play, or an old music player that reminds us of our parents such as a turn table. These items are more than just things, and to get them tattooed would be super memorable and meaningful. 

Good thing we have Marco Condor, a tattooer from Padova, Italy, doing such tattoos. We love how each tattoo was created with soul and warmth, you'll feel it just by looking at it. If you're a sentimental kind of person, you'll definitely love these heartwarming tattoos. Check them out and share with us memorable objects you want tattooed!

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