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Visions of Love: Couples Tattoos for Valentine's Day

Visions of Love: Couples Tattoos for Valentine's Day

Tattoo Ideas2 min Read

Tattoodo asked you about couples tattoos and the response was incredible! So much love just in time for Valentine's.

In celebration of Valentine's Day we took to our Facebook page to ask our followers if they had a matching couple tattoo with the apple of their eye, and the feedback was incredible! You would think, considering stories like Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson, that people would be swayed from showing their love in this most permanent form...however, it actually looks like that not only do people love to show their love with ink, but that those who do commit to couple tattoos actually have a great chance of staying together! Doesn't this just give you the sticky sweet feels all over?

Out of all the couples we spoke to 40.84% said they had a matching tattoo with their beloved....and although skeptics will hate it, 82.56% of those couples are still together! We love happy endings...but for those that didn't make it, oddly enough only 12% had removed or covered the couple tattoo. We're assuming that this is mostly due to the, often, high costs of tattoo removal...and even most tattoo artists will charge a bit more for a cover up just because it's a bit more difficult than the usual piece. 

In our Facebook post many people shared their stories behind their couples tattoos...and, of course, it was all very touching. Alexandre Lopes shared a photo of his matching tattoo with his partner Kelly Vermoortele, "Our couple tattoo is the four elements. I work abroad so only together we are complete." Queue our melting hearts!! Niki Dionne shared the piece she has with her hubby, two cute sugar skulls. "When we hold hands they kiss!" Ive Rachel also shared a sweet photo of her couples tattoo saying, "Both of us had a bad time. We met, became close friends and supported each other. Later on we became a couple and now we're getting married!" Really...instead of binge watching The Notebook with tissues and a box of chocolate, you should just read our Facebook posts comment section....truly tender. 

And don't worry...if you're single, recently betrayed, or just a regular member of the Heartbreak Club...we have some advice for you. Valentine's Day is, basically, about showing your love in the best, most ostentatious way, right? So why not show some self-love and head on over to your local shop to get the most anti-V Day piece you can think of. Remember, tattoos are for everyone...not just for ultra cute couples. ;-)

Written byTattoodo

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