Vivid Color Realism Tattoos by Maija Arminen

Vivid Color Realism Tattoos by Maija Arminen

Lovely ladies, adorable animals, and full-on floral pieces: A tattoo by Maija Arminen is bursting with color.

Originally from Finland, Maija Arminen is a new addition to the crew at Little Tokyo Temple of Art in Sydney, Australia. 

Most of Arminen's work is color realism, but some of her pieces have some neo traditional elements, with bold linework and their styled realism feel. 

Throughout these tattoos you'll see so much color, so many different shades, from pastels, to bright and even rich colors. Each piece is carefully considered, and the color palette is based around that. 

The galaxy and space-themed tattoos are especially bright and multi-colored and really reflect nothing that we see here on Earth. If you're all about color in your tattoos, then Maija Arminen should be on your tattoo artist wishlist. 

You can visit Maija's instagram to see more of her amazing work!

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