Vivid Neo-traditional Sleeves by Johnny Domus

Vivid Neo-traditional Sleeves by Johnny Domus

When you need some bright, funky, bizarre scenes to wrap around you, Domus is your man.

A fully filled arm is a thing of beauty. Solid line work, bright colors, the only skin tone peeking through as a means of lighting and shading... When someone has gone full sleeve, it's wonderful to behold. Johnny Domus' neo-traditional sleeves are, honestly, trippy as fuck, and staring at them will probably help you see into the fifth dimension.

Domus works out of Domus Art Tattoo, a studio he started himself in 2007 in Setubal, Portugal. He brought on Diogo Domus Mesquita and David Santos shortly after, and then artist Rick De Sousa joined the team. In September 2015, Domus, Santos, and Sousa opened a newer, bigger space together, in honor of their lost comrade, Diogo Domus Mesquita. They have an eclectic team, all working in a variety of styles, but with their own specialty and flair.

Domus manages to pack a lot of color into all of his sleeves. They characters and objects and items all swirl and flow, creating a motion and movement that really draws the eye in. The way his sleeves move together is almost reminiscent of Miyazaki's movie sequences, like someone took Spirited Away and turned it into a detailed static drawing. 

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Hop on over to Domus Art Tattoo to check out the whole crew, or swing over to Domus' Instagram for just his work. Domus also has a penchant for excellent animal portraits. 

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