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Walk-in Weekends with Rob Banks at East River Tattoo

Walk-in Weekends with Rob Banks at East River Tattoo

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I spent a Sunday in Greenpoint at one of the kindest, most chill shops in all of New York City.

An incredibly fun display case in East River Tattoo, where you make your appointments and chat with the shop managers. Photo by kd diamond. #EastRiverTattoo #NYC #TattooPalor #Shop

Saturdays and Sundays, you’ll find resident artist Rob Banks working walk-in weekends. First come, first serve, this model is a clever way to make it so folks who want to get some flash (or a beloved banger) from the talented Banks can have access to his busy schedule. I was blessed to be accompanied by my dear friend and frequent-flyer Joseph, who knew it was smart to get to the shop early — we arrived a full hour before they opened — and we were the first two on Banks’ list.

Traditional ship by the indelible Rob Banks at East River Tattoo. (via IG—robbanksofamerica) #traditional #ship #RobBanks #EastRiverTattoo

While we waited for Banks to prep, three older women came in. They were so excited, they’d traveled all the way from Westchester together on a ladies’ day to get tattoos. For one of them, it would be her first. Kitty Joe, majordomo of East River, kindly explained how the first come, first serve would work, and after the trio put their names on Banks’ list, they headed out for a bite at a diner across the street.

Some of the many beautiful trinkets in East River Tattoo's cozy entrance. Photo by kd diamond. #EastRiverTattoo #NYC #TattooPalor #Shop

Rachel Hauer isn’t known for tiny infinity symbols on people’s wrists, but it is a true testament to her humble, sweet nature that she didn’t blink. In fact, as she prepped her station and organized her thoughts, and while Kitty Joe put some chairs out for her friends, Hauer gave our First Tattoo Ever Woman a perfect tutorial on what to expect. She walked her through how the stencil goo would work as she applied it to our heroine’s wrist (“This is a really sticky substance that will help the stencil stay on your skin”), and had her lay down on a fluffy spa table with leather pillows (“It can relax you and keep you out of your head to lie down, you know?”).

Showing off my Rob Banks' lighthouse from my walk-in weekend visit. (via IG—kddiamond) #lighthouse #traditional #robbanks #walkin

These women illustrate perfectly how the humility and brilliance of East River can shine. From heavily tattooed folks like Joseph and I, to the Traveling Trio of older, nervous, one-to-none tattoo holders, the artists at East River treated everyone with respect, deference, and warmth. I’m sure that those women didn’t realize they were getting simple, street stop style work from some of the most revered artists in New York — they didn’t have to know that. They were treated with the same attention and care that Joseph and I were, and for that alone, East River and Banks’ Walk-in Weekends are a joy and an utter gem.

Hateful Kate
Written byHateful Kate

Tiny illustrator and artist rocking out in Red Hook, BK.

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