Walking Dead Ink: 8 Bloodthirsty Lucille Tattoos

Walking Dead Ink: 8 Bloodthirsty Lucille Tattoos

The bat that crushed your dreams is back again but this time in ink!

Leader of a sizeable group of survivors, Negan is a ruthless individual and one of The Walking Dead's most fearsome characters. Responsible for dozens of deaths, both walker and human, Negan wields a barbed wire wrapped baseball bat which he swings with deadly consequences- and if you watched the Season 7 opener you know this only too well!  

Named Lucille after his dead wife, Negan's bat is a true tool of destruction, crushing skulls, crippling limbs and killing any its path! An iconic image in both the comics and TV series, Lucille is something to be feared, and with it in hand so is Negan. Check out these bloody Lucille tattoos and try to hold back the tears...poor Glenn... 

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