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Watch Monami Frost's Back Tattoo Transformation

Watch Monami Frost's Back Tattoo Transformation

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From a blank canvas to a beautiful black and grey full back piece - Monami is one step closer to completing her body suit.

Monami Frost has been keeping a secret from us.

Watch the video below to see the tattooing process and hear what inspired the design. And keep scrolling to see the completed piece on Monami's back. 

And now, for the finished product. 

Monami Frost's completed back piece by her husband, Anrijis Straume. #MonamiFrost #blackandgrey #realism #darktrash #AnrijisStraume

Plus, just days ago, Monami finished off her back piece with a neck tattoo. Again tattooed by her husband, Anrijis, the symbol represents and celebrates Monami's dedication to living a vegan lifestyle.

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