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Watercolor Artist Sasha Unisex Takes on Temporary Tattoos

Watercolor Artist Sasha Unisex Takes on Temporary Tattoos

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The Russian artist breathes both style and artistic integrity into the dated world of temporary tattoos

The majority of the time, whenever there’s a new temporary tattoo brand making headlines we’re skeptical, and rightfully so. Most temporary tattoos on the market today lack any sort of style or artistic influence, and to be completely honest, are reminiscent of those $0.50 gumball vending machine tattoos. You know, the ones you used to beg your mother for as kid? Devoid of both technique and longevity. Russian tattoo artist Sasha Unisex, famous for her beautiful watercolor tattoos, is hoping to give temporary tattoos a facelift.

In partnership with Tattoo You, a temporary tattoo company whose aim is to bring a sense of style and artistry to the world of temporary tattoos, Sasha Unisex has created a limited edition line of Halloween inspired tattoos. Lasting one to two weeks, and ranging in price from $6-$40, her Halloween pieces include ghosts, black cats, and jackolanterns, all created in her signature geometric watercolor style. So if you’re looking to try out a few styles before committing to one, her temporary tattoos are definitely ones to check out.

You can see more of Unisex's geometric watercolor work here.

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