Watercolor Skull Tattoos That Are to Die For

Watercolor Skull Tattoos That Are to Die For

How to you turn a old skull from gloomy to glamorous? Watercolor tattoos, that's how.

When one of the higher-ups here at Tattoodo suggested that we cover the incredible phenomenon of watercolor skull tattoos, I jumped, almost as if off a bridge or out a window, at the opportunity. You see, I am a connoisseur of both hardcore imagery like stomach-turning depictions of necrosis and the blissful world of wonderment that is the watercolor style. There's nothing like seeing the ghastly face of Death himself bathed in a blood bath that's all the colors of the rainbow.

It takes a special kind of person to appreciate the merits of watercolor skull tattoos. Most body art enthusiasts out there like their skulls dreary and most decomposed, or worse wrapped in a stuffy cloak and carrying a rusty old scythe, but god knows that macabre aesthetic has been done to death. That's why seeing skulls that have been run over over and over by the color wheel is so refreshing. So, say goodbye to ghastly and hello to glamorous, because the undead human head has never looked quite this fabulous. 

There are a variety of great ways that watercolor can be used to bring out the brighter side of skulls. Some artists use the style to make their skulls shoot magical fire from their eye sockets, toothless mouths, and nose holes. Others create plumes of color that explode from their skulls' craniums, but regardless of how tattooists cause their skeletal imagery to run with red, blue, yellow, green, purple, and orange, their work certainly makes the underworld seem like a happier place.    

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To see more fabulous watercolor skulls, make your way to all of these tattooists' Instagram. If you want a reaper in a dream coat or skull drowning in chroma of your own, have one of them execute it.

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