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Watercolor Style Tattoos By Joice Wang

Watercolor Style Tattoos By Joice Wang

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If you love powerful nature tattoos, you will be pleased.

Nature is Joice Wang's patron muse. She makes watercolor and botanical tattoos that channel the raw beauty of the natural world. Whether she's designing a delicate flower or a majestic animal, her eye for color realism and tattooer's equivalent green thumb enable her to capture the essence of what makes wandering through a garden or wilderness so exhilarating.

Wang is known for her ability to create flower tattoos that look like they sprouted to life and bloom right on her client's skin. Some of them are so realistic that they almost trigger synesthesia, making the viewer imagine an aroma just by seeing the flora. Occasionally, she combines her approach to the watercolor style with her realism for a charming effect, having her flowers' petal drip vibrant splashes or float in swirls of color.

While flowers are definitely her forte, Wang creates a wide range of other imagery from the natural world as well. Her animal portraits are particularly playful looking. Much like her floral tattoos, some of her depictions of critters are realistic, while others have a more impressionistic side to them, especially the ones in which she dabbles in watercolor. 

To enjoy more delightful tattoos, check Wang's Instagram. If you want one of her botanical beauties or a lovely watercolor piece, she works at Bang Bang NYC and can be contacted at for appointments.

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