Watercolor Tattoos by Florencia Gonzalez Tizon

Watercolor Tattoos by Florencia Gonzalez Tizon

The next big thing in watercolor tattooing?

With only 1200 Instagram followers Florencia Gonzalez Tizon's online profile is sure to rise. This watercolor tattoo artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina has the talent and artistic vision to make it big. 

She has taken all the elements of watercolor on paper and applied it to skin with such precision. Florencia's watercolor tattoos vary so greatly - some with and some without outlines, teamed with ink splatters or the slight dripping of ink, created in such a deliberate manner. 

There are some more structured graphic pieces in her portfolio, where bold lines are used to create a grungy watercolor effect, with a sketch and brushstroke feel. But those with no black ink are just as dynamic despite their soft, delicate appearance. 

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All photos from Instagram 

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