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Watercolor Tattoos: Like Musings of Monet

Watercolor Tattoos: Like Musings of Monet

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Like the painting techniques it is based on, these watercolor tattoos look like fine art on skin.

Whatever your stance may be on the fading and healing of watercolor tattoos, we're surprised that that is the first thing people want to talk about when viewing these beautiful pieces of fine art. Almost like wearing a painting on your skin forever, the collectors who get pieces such as these are turning their bodies into walking galleries, moving museums. As you can see by this collection of pieces, there are many different ways to incorporate this style into a all depends on the artist you choose and your personal aesthetic.

It's a pretty natural choice to use watercolor tattoos for organic and earthy concepts. Not only is the medium and technique fluid itself, but painting and pigments have always been sourced from the blessings of nature. In ancient times all pigments for painting were made from organic materials including earth substances like plants, minerals, animals, and the like. For instance, Bone Black comes from calcianated bones, Indian Yellow used to come from the urine of Indian cows fed only on mango leaves, Emerald Green is copper aceto-arsenite, which releases toxic arsenical fumes and has fortunately been replaced with synthetic compounds, and Carmine Red, although no longer used in watercolors, is made of crushed Cochineal insect shells.

All of the tints and tones we love to see in tattooing originally came from the Earth it only makes sense that watercolor would lend itself well to images of botanicals, landscapes, and animals. The artists selected for this show stunning ingenuity with the tattoo art form, making watercolor tattoos that stun in grace and elegance. Although this may not be your personal taste, we're sure anyone can appreciate the artistry behind these magnificent pieces. However, if you're looking for something different...we always have a million and one more tattoos images and artists in our app. Come check it out, and let us know what you think!

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