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#WCW: Emma Vauxdevil

#WCW: Emma Vauxdevil

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Burlesque queen, sword swallower, fire eater, and mermaid extraordinaire

You’d be hard pressed to find a person alive today that didn’t grow up wanting to run away and join the circus or some sort of sideshow. It was all so inviting — the allure of the big top, the grandeur of the show, and the promise of being accepted as an integral part of the freaky family, no matter what. Running away to be a sword swallower, a fire breather, or maybe even a trapeze swinger was always the dream, and even now that we’re grown, and we’ve grown tired of our mundane lives it still seems like viable option. For most people, it will remain just that — a dream. But for our newest #WCW, it’s her reality. Gather round folks, gather round as we introduce you to the amazing sword swallowing, fire breathing, and burlesque goddess, Emma Vauxdevil.

A traveling artist, Vauxdevil is living the dream as a fire dancer, sword swallower, burlesque performer, and real life mermaid. Often combining her many talents, she can be seen performing burlesque while swallowing enormous curved swords. Adorned in beautifully bejeweled burlesque costumes that would even make Dita’s designers jealous, Vauxdevil’s life is a rose tinted dream. A regular performer for The Moonlight Dolls, a multi-talented troupe of acrobatic, singing, and dancing artists based out of Houston, Texas, Vauxdevil has a real stage presence, incorporating her daring and death defying talents into her routines. Twirling literal hoops of fire, she sets the stage ablaze.

Occasionally moonlighting as a model, she’s worked with emerging photographers like Tamara Lichtenstein to create hauntingly beautiful images that are alive with nostalgic Vegas showgirl vibes. Donning feathered headdresses, sequined underpinnings and set to the backdrop of the desolate desert, or the dreamy California oceanside Vauxdevil’s beauty is unfathomable, so much so that it’s relatively easy to get wrapped up in her mermaid act. Outfitted in a “realistic” mermaid’s tale, that’s presumably insanely hard to learn how to swim in, it’s crazy to think that someone could swim with such seemingly little effort, let alone with such grace. But time and time again, Vauxdevil proves that those childhood dreams of being a sideshow performer could be a reality, if you only just believe.

Alex Wikoff
Written byAlex Wikoff

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