#WCW: Jenah Yamamoto

#WCW: Jenah Yamamoto

Photographer, model, and super talented mega babe

We’d like to imagine that there was once a time in which every single one of us with any type of social media account aspired to be one of those internet starlets, you know, the ones that share their love of both artistically composed, semi-nude selfies and detox teas? Ah, the good life. I won’t lie to you dear readers, I too have gone through the requisite phase of running my hands through my hair, and forcing my significant other to take moody photos of me looking down at the ground, like, “I’m not a model, the camera just went off...but you can send modeling inquiries to artmodelalex@broodingtoughgirl.com.” 

And then I came to, and thought to myself, “Self, you are clearly not as into being a half naked detox tea girl/art model as you thought you once were. Maybe we should try writing instead.” C’est la vie, but kudos to those few elite that are not only dedicated enough to pursue such a career, let alone actually make a living off of it. Our newest #WCW/Instagram starlet is the more refined/successful version of my former short lived endeavor, meet actual photographer and model Jenah Yamamoto.

With a following of nearly one million on her personal account alone, Yamamoto is a force to be reckoned with. A multi-talented photographer and model, Yamamoto’s work is absolutely beautiful. Her work as a model on her personal account, Gypsy One, consists largely of semi nude or bathing suit clad selfies that are actually really well thought out. 

Her work as a photographer has proven that whether in front of or behind the camera, Yamamoto knows exactly who her audience is, and how to harness their attention. Shooting for the likes of Hypebeast, Backstage Magazine, and even Los Angeles, California retailer Planet Blue, she’s managed to make quite a name for herself in a relatively short amount of time, as she’s only been a few years since she began documenting her travels. Favoring idyllic backgrounds like waterfalls and beaches, Yamamoto’s work is like something from a postcard, an enviably cool girl postcard.

With a picture perfect life, and less than 25K followers away from one million on her personal account, we’d say it’s safe to say that we should all expect to be seeing a lot more of Jenah in the coming year, and we’re not mad about it.

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