Photographer, Makeup Artist, and Biker Babe

You know how sometimes you’ll find someone’s instagram, creep, and find out that their life is just ridiculously unreal, that’s how we feel about Meredith Devine. Our most recent crush and #WCW, Devine has got it all: beauty, brains, and talent. Photographer, makeup artist, and motorcycle babe, Devine’s life is like something out of Sons of Anarchy (a show I’ve never seen, to be quite honest, but know that its prerequisites for casting include both babeliness and the ability to ride a motorcycle. Extra credit for being able to do both at the same time while looking extra broody).

Often combining her talents, Devine has started a photo project entitled Meredith’s Painted Ladies, in which she combines her makeup artistry and photography skills by painting models with flowers, snakes, and scorpions, and takes their photo perched atop enormous motorcycles.

Devine’s portraits are striking, capturing a mixed array of people in beautiful settings, to which we say: Daaaaammnnn, Devine.

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To see more of Devine's work, you can visit her Instagram and website.

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