WCW: Monami Frost

WCW: Monami Frost

Model, vlogger, and tattooed mom

The words mommy, vlogger, and tattooed aren’t generally used in the same sentence, but our newest #WCW is aiming to redefine that. Housewife and mother by day, model, vlogger, and blogger by night, Monami Frost is quite a force.

Based out of the UK, and originally hailing from Latvia, Frost has become a bonafide internet sensation. With over 1.2 million followers on Instagram alone, Frost has taken on everything from modeling to vlogging. An avid advocate of veganism, her videos take on a multitude of subjects including vegan makeup tutorials, vegan recipes, and even vegan clothing recommendations. Frost’s fans are dedicated, and it’s easy to see why, her sweet demeanor and beauty is absolutely charming. Don’t believe us? Watch one of her videos for yourself.

You can see more of Monami Frost on her Instagram.

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