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We Are All Connected: Geometric Tattoos

We Are All Connected: Geometric Tattoos

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Geometric tattoos are some of the most popular pieces out there, and in a way, they connect each person who wears them.

Geometric tattoos may seem like simple patterns of shapes, dots and lines, but they also have a lot of symbolism and historical, as well as cultural, connections. Many geometric tattoos are based on natural things like fractals...fractals can be seem in the curve of a young fern leaf, the honey comb of bees, or the growth of a crystal. Sometimes you can see them in sea shells, in the formation of can also see it in the esoteric works of many a Greek philosopher. Men who hoped to understand art by basing it on the most simplest abstract forms: shapes, lines, and dots.

Geometric ratios can be seen in the architectural, artistic, mathematical, and philosophical works of Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Indians and more. Considered to be some of the most advanced societies of the ancient world, these geometric ratios purported ideas that applied geometric form to literally every aspect of life. Sacred geometry, in particular, upheld the belief that within the cosmos, there was spiritual meaning within geometric forms. If you look at the natural world, it would be easy to believe...just think about all of those examples above that go from microscopic forms to giant galaxies in space.

All of these reasons, and more, are why geometric tattoos actually connect clients and artists together who love this style. It's not only an aesthetic or trend, the designs are upholding ancient traditions and thoughts that still apply to our world today. You may not think that the mysticism surrounding sacred geometry is real, but the golden ratio still applies to many design and artistic aspects. Want to know more about this incredible world? Just check out the documentary The Secret Life of Chaos, and let us know if it doesn't make you wanna go get your own inspiring geometric tattoo!

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