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We Gettin' Cultured: Tattoo of the Day Does Art Tattoos

We Gettin' Cultured: Tattoo of the Day Does Art Tattoos

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These incredible art tattoos show that carrying around a tattoo is way easier, and less expensive, than owning the real thing.

Of course we wish our office was decorated with the finest of fine art...a Van Gogh or Picasso hanging here and there. But let's be real...we can't afford that ish and when it comes down to it we can't even afford the insurance on it either. Which brings us to another issue: fine art is not only expensive, it also has a way of getting stolen when not properly watched. So that means not only do you need insurance just in case something happens...but you also need a security guard to make sure no one steals your precious paintings. So that's another cost. But get this: sometimes tattoos cost a lot but there aren't all these hidden fees and even better you don't need to hire someone to watch that your precious tattoo doesn't get stolen....that's why: art tattoos! Boomshackalacka. 

Art tattoos are our way of getting around that pesky issue of not being able to afford the real thing, but also an incredible way of carrying around your favorite work of art by your favorite artist without worrying about it getting stolen, getting dusty, or getting lost. Art tattoos are popular for good reason: fine art in all of its forms resonates with us. Maybe you don't go to museums or galleries much, and maybe your only contact with famous art was that one time in your 5th grade art class when your teacher showed you a Monet painting, but who cares. The reason why you're on this page right now is because you love tattoos...which is one hell of an art form. These art tattoos aren't just about recreating a famous piece of culture...they're about keeping something beautiful and special close to you forever. Just like all tattoos!

Art tattoos are kind of addicting to look at's hard to wrap your mind around the fact that the tattoo artists actually made a mini Van Gogh. Just look at the work of Eva Krbdk: she regularly has clients that ask for mini paintings. This makes sense since her style already is based within that sphere of watercolor-esque pieces. Known for her incredible attention to detail, here we have an example of a Magritte painting she reproduced with stunning accuracy. She's also done Van Gogh and Klimt paintings turning them into gorgeous art tattoos. It takes a highly trained professional to pull off pieces like this!

We hope you enjoy this collection of art tattoos, and if you're ever inspired to get your own please let us know! We have connections all over the globe to hook you up with the best artist to do your best piece. And if you already have an art tattoo send it over! We love to see new work. You know how we do. =^_^= 

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