We Know Game of Thrones Got You Wishin' For This: Dragon Tattoos

We Know Game of Thrones Got You Wishin' For This: Dragon Tattoos

Diggin' the new season of Game of Thrones so far? We bet you are. We also bet you'll feel the fire of these dragon tattoos!

Although Game of Thrones's first two episodes of Season 8 have only been an hour long, we have more insane bad assery to look forward to: the rest of the final episodes are even longer!! And, as we covered in our last GoT article, with this season having such a huge budget we're expecting some seriously cool CGI. Which means dragons. So many dragons!! And so, of course, we had to put together a collection of all types of dragon tattoos to celebrate. As we're sure you know there is so much history and culture behind these magnificent creatures, that it's almost hard to believe they aren't real (as far as we know...)

Are dragons real? Well, not like as see them in blockbusters like The Hobbit. Smaug was one gigantic dragon...however, "real" dragons can only get up to be about 200 pounds and 8 feet long. We speak of Komodo dragon's, of course! They may not be able to breath fire, but "The stomach expands easily, enabling an adult to consume up to 80 percent of its own body weight in a single meal...At times, these reptiles can smell carrion, or rotting flesh, up to 2.5 miles (4 kilometers) away..." and on top of all that, they also carry a venom gland in their lower jaw. Definitely not something we want to go in a fight with in the middle of the desert...Scientists also haven't come across any fire breathers either. Which is interesting...considering there are lizards who spray blood from their eyes. 

There is, however, a beetle who can send tiny explosions flying through the air. "...there are animals who’ve evolved to use combustion for self-defense. The most famous is the bombardier beetle. These hot little bugs mix hydrogen peroxide and hydroquinone in special insulated chambers inside their abdomens. The chemical reaction releases so much heat that the liquid nearly reaches the boiling point, and a series of tiny explosions—yes, actual explosions—sends noxious, hot liquid spraying out of the beetle’s abdomen." Brutal little beetle.

So, no, dragons aren't "real"...but in an existential sense, they totally are. Especially when considering the Game of Thrones dragons. We're not sure if any of these dragon tattoos illustrate particular creatures from the show, but they certainly capture a depth of character and meaning. Part of that may be that even GoT puts a lot of effort into creating these characters...a lot of it may be based on other ancient folklore, because it is super specific. Eater even did an article about the dietary needs of these make believe soaring hydra's...although, when asked, Dany mentions that they eat, “'Whatever they want.' (Which, judging from past episodes, includes a lot of animal herds and the occasional shepherd boy.)" Sounds about right. 

And if George R.R. Martin based his dragons off of ancient folklore, like we suppose, there are many different characteristics he could have endowed these magnificent creatures. It seems that every continent and every culture had their own particular ideas about dragons and where they come from as well as the legends that include them. It may be interesting to find out that although some people believe dragons were the creation of misinformed fossil hunters sensationalizing/mislabeling dinosaur bones, others think that evolution is to blame! Humans made them up themselves because, back in the primitive days, you had to be ready for whatever shit was about to hit the fan...including fire breathing, meat craving monsters with wings.

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In this particular collection and homage to one of the best creatures ever, be it real or not, we brought dragon tattoos together that illustrated your favorite styles, Japanese dragons included and traditional too!

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