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We Make a Great Pear: Food Tattoos for Tattoo of the Day

We Make a Great Pear: Food Tattoos for Tattoo of the Day

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

We've gathered some food tattoos for the foodies, stress eaters, and munchie obsessed peeps out there!

For todays selection of the most awesome tattoos around the Tattoodo community we pulled together a bunch of salty and sweet food tattoos to fuel the appetites of the most ravenous tattoo connoisseurs. From cheesy pizza to healthy fruits n veggies, we've collected these ink-redible food tattoos to show that while some may think this is just another food fad, we don't think pieces like this are going anywhere any time soon! Which is awesome really, considering we just love when people tattoo their favorite foods on their's not enough to be able to eat it, we want to turn our love for food into art too!

We have more in common with food than you'd think. As some of you may know, scientists have been studying and comparing genetic similarity between humans, animals, plants, and more for a very long time...Apparently humans share about 80% of their DNA with domesticated cows. Although that may shock you, what's even crazier is that humans share 60% of their DNA with...bananas. That's right! Bananas. Let that one sink in real quick. Another surprising thing about bananas is that although you may consider it something else entirely, it is, indeed, a berry. And strawberries are actually...not berries at all. We didn't find an banana food tattoos out there this time, but we know they exist and they sure do put smiles on all our faces. 

There are many reasons why someone may get a food tattoo, but usually it just comes down to that good ol' fuzzy feeling of true love! And believe it or not, although you may think that someone half way around the world may be into a dish of a completely different kind, Oxfam actually did a study that proves otherwise. They researched the most loved foods in 17 different countries, and came up with a resounding answer. The most beloved foodie items are pasta, meat, and rice! It just comes down to that comfort food feeling. These food tattoos may not fuel your stomach like meat and potatoes, but we sure do think they serve as satisfying eye candy!

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