Weapons and Hurtful Things: Tattoos by Kyle Lifetime

Weapons and Hurtful Things: Tattoos by Kyle Lifetime

Kyle Lifetime makes some really creative and solid black tattoos that are witty and clever.

Hurtful things, weapons and goofy dark stuff - these are the themes featured in Kyle Lifetime's tattoo works that'll really make you want to collect some!

Kyle Lifetime is a solid tattoo artist from Capo Beach, CA. He works out from True at Heart Tattoo Studio. His tattoo style is bold and solid blackwork using witty compositions - usually of dark imagery and weapons. The simple approach he takes is balanced out by the dark images he makes use of. Amazing shading technique and solid lines make the tattoos look bold that give it much visual impact. Classic tattoo images such as hearts, flowers and blades give off the traditional look in Kyle's work.

If you enjoyed Kyle's tattoo work, be sure to follow him on Instagram.

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