Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve with These Anatomical Heart Tattoos

Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve with These Anatomical Heart Tattoos

Tattoos that are close to our hearts.

Tattoos have the ability to tell the stories of an individual when words cannot. We sometimes get tattoos to mark milestones and all the things with personal significance in our lives. Sometimes, we don't even have a story behind it — we simply like an artist's particular style, which forms a story of its own.

This is why the anatomical heart tattoo is a perfect topic right now, because it represents the biological part of our bodies that keeps us going. Hearts are as natural as it can get and yet, they have the capability to tear us down or build us up. I've made sure that you get to see more than a dozen stunning designs by talented contemporary artists who each ‘pumped’ the anatomical heart with their own style.

1. A lovely anatomical blackwork heart portrait.

The tattoo was designed by no one other than the incredible Susanne König.

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2. This gorgeous, muted, tree-like design.

3. Get in touch with nature.

Up-and-coming tattoo artist Gülşah Karaca impresses us with her illustrative, nature-inspired piece.

4. This ghostly blackwork hand is out for your live, beating heart!

Getting gritty and grisly with Hanbum Lee.

5. The power of digital art.

Tech-savvy tattoo artists like Vlad Tokmenin are taking advantage of all the things they could do with graphic design and digital art.

6. How cool is this?

Have you forgotten mash-up style tattoos? We totally haven't. Throwing back to this one by Yogi Barrett!

7. Don't be afraid to try out the style of an artist you can trust.

This guy trusted Sany Kim. Now, he's got this sweet piece on his arm.

8. When in doubt, go with blackwork.

9. Keep your heart of gold in a glass case.

Marla Moon had done an exceptional job as usual with her fine lines and details.

10. Who says trash polka is dead?

11. A tattoo that reflects your inner struggles and experiences.

Kind of reminds you of A Day to Remember album cover, doesn't it? 

12. We know what's in your heart and it's your favorite character.

I don't know about you, but No-Face from ‘Spirited Away’ will always hold a special place in my heart.

13. A feminine touch on a timeless piece.

Choose wisely if you want to take the soft and delicate path that will accentuate your body features like these tattoos.

14. You can never go wrong with blackwork.

We can't get enough of beautiful blackwork, either.

15. An edgy piece by tattooer Varo.

Varo is a tattoo artist based in Busan who specializes in both color and blackwork mash up-inspired pieces.

16. There may be a shipwreck in your heart, but you're still sailing.

Russian tattoo artist Zhenya Knyazeva illustrates it beautifully by merging blackwork outlines with hauntingly beautiful colors.

17. Express yourself through lyrics of your favorite songs.

Here's an anatomical heart design with the memorable lyrics of The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot by the alternative rock band, Brand New.

18. And last but not the least, a stunning conceptual piece.

Zi Hae's poetic rendition of an anatomical heart features a boy playing music that pumps the blood of the wearer's vein.

Follow your anatomical and thankfully full-functioning heart; and go get that tattoo you've always wanted!

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