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Welcome to the World of Strange Tattoos

Welcome to the World of Strange Tattoos

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

The cool thing about getting ink is that you can get literally whatever you want...including these strange tattoos!

Just like our tagline says, tattoos are awesome because you can get whatever the f*** you want. For real. You want a beautiful Japanese bodysuit? You can get that. You want a tribal leg sleeve? You can get that too. You want a squirrel with skin like a tiger playing backgammon with a robo-turtle? You can def get that. These strange tattoos are proof that you can literally get whatever you can dream up. And there are so many artists and shops out there, and with the help of of our directory you can find em. Isn't the internet a magical thing?

Sometimes when we come across super strange tattoos we wonder if they came up with the idea by putting a bunch of slips of paper, each with a random noun on it, into a hat and then blindly picking them out and sticking them together in tattoo form. We actually Googled, and found, the Random Noun Generator because we're way too lazy to do the hat thing. The five words we got were: Cheeto, drawing, recipe, bath, beaver. What kind of strange tattoo would that make? How about...a Cheeto drawing a picture of a beaver taking a bath in a recipe for Stone Soup? Or a beaver brainstorming a recipe for Cheeto pie while drawing a bath? Who knows. But this sure is a fun game to play.

For real tho, let's get weird. Check out this collection of strange tattoos and get ready to have your brain blown. The only constrictions are in your mind and in the imagination. And just so you know, what goes for tattoos goes for life too. Whatever you dream you can do. Strange tattoos, mountain climbing, flying planes, visiting Egypt...enjoy this life to the fullest. It has so much to offer!

Written byTattoodo

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