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We'll Be In Clover: Glorious St. Patrick's Day Tattoos

We'll Be In Clover: Glorious St. Patrick's Day Tattoos

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May the luck of the Irish be with you...we're sure these charming St. Patrick's tattoos will help!

We try to cover each holiday as they come, and of course Irish Catholic holidays are no different. For today's collection of pieces, we bring you St. Patrick's Day tattoos! Now, believe or not, this is actually a religious holiday...about an actual saint. Most of these tattoos celebrate it in the more modern way...with whiskey, rainbows, gold and four leaf clovers....but this holiday is meant as an homage to Saint Patrick. It's been celebrated for over 1000 what did St. Patty do to be so well remembered?

Really this day is a small release from the Lenten fasting...on this day, Catholics would remove the prohibition of meat and drinking that continues during Lent and celebrate with feasts. Oddly enough, St. Patty wasn't even Irish...the story goes that he was kidnapped at 16, brought to Ireland as a slave, and later escaped. seems that the Saint had a soft spot for the country after all: he later returned to Ireland to spread Christianity to all of the pagans. These St. Patrick's Day tattoos definitely don't hint at any of that...and this holiday is now seen more for partying than for remembering a dude who loved Jesus...

What's also funny is that although it is the four leaf clover that we find to be so lucky, St. Patrick was actually a fan of the three leaf clover; he used it to explain the Holy Trinity: The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. The first time the US saw a celebration for the Saint, was in 1762 when Irish soldiers fighting for the English marched through the streets of New York. But mostly it was the influx of Irish during the potato famine of 1845. Over a million immigrants came to the US, and brought with them their culture! Thanks to them we now celebrate St. Patrick's Day tattoos of rainbows, gold coins, leprechauns, and whiskey. Not such a bad holiday!

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