Wendy Pham's Neo-Traditional Japanese Style Tattoos

Wendy Pham's Neo-Traditional Japanese Style Tattoos

Germany-based tattoo artist Wendy Pham is going to treat you to some neo-traditional Japanese style tattoo goodness.

If you're looking for the finest Japanese style tattoos Germany can give you then don't you dare close that tab just yet. Meet Wendy Pham, Australian-born, Germany-based, and Japanese-influenced tattoo artist who is one of the finest tattoo artists you can find in the Japanese style tattoo scene of Europe.

Don't let the petite, Asian girl stereotype vibes fool you because she absolutely kicks ass at what she does. Shouldn't take too long for you to notice the balance of tones and excellent linework her tattoos possess. Dig in!

Check out more of Wendy Pham work on her Tattoodo profile and Instagram. And contact her through the shop Taiko Gallery.

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