We're Not Kitten You RN: Awesome Cat Tattoos

We're Not Kitten You RN: Awesome Cat Tattoos

These cat tattoos will have you purring up a storm, and snapping pics of your fave fur baby for your brand new pet portrait tattoo.

Animal tattoos are some of our favorites...doesn't it say something about someone when you look at their arm and BAM there's a freakin chameleon tattooed on their forearm? It says something about that person. Just like any tattoo we suppose...but showing your inner spirit animal is kind of cool. And maybe a cat tattoo doesn't really show your spirit animal or familiar, but perhaps it's just a pet portrait of your favorite fur baby. Maybe your cat tattoo just tells the world how much you absolutely love kitties...some of us here at Tattoodo seriously can't go a few days without touching something cute, soft n warm...be it pupper or kitter.

Cat tattoos are fun probably because, well, they're freaking cute. Just check out the piece by Tattoodo Ambassador Josh Lin. It's a sleeping cuddly lil kitty just waiting for you to scoop it up and stuff its big warm tummy in your face. That's not weird, right? We knew a girl who liked to suck on her kitties ears when she was ten. Another one who would share her cups of water with her cats because they refused to drink out of their bowls. We promise it wasn't us. Probably. But seriously, these cat tattoos help prove the bond you have with your pet...it's the same with any animal tattoo really...

Just like any collection we do for the tattoo theme of the day these cat tattoos are super close to our hearts. We live for this art form just like we live for love, family, friends, and our fluffy lil fur balls. Next time you feel like getting a pet portrait, we hope that some of the pieces in this cat tattoo collection will inspire you and you'll hit up the artist who created them. And fur real, if you can't find someone in your area who sets the bar, we can help. Just hit us up. FUR REAL. Fur babies unite.

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