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We're Paw-sitive You'll Love These Cat Tattoos!

We're Paw-sitive You'll Love These Cat Tattoos!

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Big cats, little cats, cute ones and seriously cool ones, these cat tattoos will have you purring for sure.

How deep our love is for cats...those fuzzy little creatures that can either cuddle you for hours, or literally not even give a f*** that you exist. They are true anarchists...they do what they please, they are equal opportunists, and they have a freedom that we are most jealous of. These cat tattoos are a perfect example of people embracing the culture of cats: you either love 'em or hate 'em...but these people clearly have an affinity for kitties that knows no bounds. Cat tattoos are a way to signal that the dog versus car argument is a moot point.

Of course, when something is as loved as cats, they not only inspire cat tattoos but they also inspire great legends and folklore. In Japan, Nekomata's, giant cat monsters, have been found prowling the pages of fairy tale books for Iceland there is Jólakötturinn, the Yule Cat which apparently eats people who aren't properly dressed for Christmas Dinner. Better break out those fine threads if you spent winter in Iceland this year. Cats have also been blamed for The Black Death, for making beer go sour, as minions of the medieval Devil. Obviously, paranoia reaches deep: black cats have been seen as bad omens for centuries. 

But the fact remains that these cat tattoos prove that there will always be an obsession with kitties and the magical qualities they possess. Although many of the stories surrounding these animals is dark, there are many tails (forgive the pun) that have silver linings. A long time ago, there was a Buddhist sect that believed if you were good enough in this life, your soul would be transferred to the body of a cat in the next life. Guess that means even though you may be chained to your work in this life, maybe next time you'll get lucky and be able to chill in the sun, chase mice, and lounge around with no schedule at all. Heres hoping!

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