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What Are You Beneath Your Skin? Split Face Tattoos Give Clues

What Are You Beneath Your Skin? Split Face Tattoos Give Clues

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Split Personalities? These Split Face Tattoos show your true colors underneath.

Have you ever thought about what you look like on the inside? Or whether your outsides perfectly match your insides, as in your soul, mind and heart? For many people there is a huge disconnect between these two things...which is why tattooing is so awesome. Tattoos, body mods, even simply dying hair or ear piercings help us reclaim our body and make us feel more settled in our skin. But after rewatching the Rick and Morty episode with the gaseous blob "Fart" we started wondering what humankind would like without their comes this selection of split face tattoos!! They're a popular trend rn, and we're super into it. They show a lil bit of what's beneath...

We also, obviously, could make the connection between split face tattoos and split personalities. Technically this is called Dissociative Identity Disorder. Did you ever see that episode of Oprah where she talks to the mother with 20 different personalities? We sort of have trouble keeping up with ourselves sometimes on a good day, so imagine having to keep up with..20 of yourselves. Woof! But that's something these particular pieces remind us of.

A split face tattoo is like a metaphor for all of those aspects of ourselves...Even Psychology Today put out an article by Rick Hanson PhD in 2011 about the figurative "masks" that people wear. He says, "Most of us wear a kind of mask, a persona that hides our deepest thoughts and feelings, and presents a polished, controlled face to the world." To be sure, that wild and crazy party kid that comes out during the weekends, isn't the best business oriented personality to have out n about at work. So although some masks, or personas, are good, but what's even better is, "to feel that your innermost being - the one to whom things happen, the one strapped to this rollercoaster of a life trying to make sense of it before it ends - has been recognized by someone." Tattoos all have meanings...what do these pieces make you think about?

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