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What Are You Looking at Dicknose? 'Teen Wolf' Tattoos

What Are You Looking at Dicknose? 'Teen Wolf' Tattoos

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Bringing back whatever the hell the ‘80s were with radical "Teen Wolf" tattoos.

If you came here looking for Teen Wolf tattoos based on the recent MTV show, please kindly get the fuck out. That show did flagrant injustice to what is hands down one of Michael J. Fox’s best roles. Some people praise Fox for his portrayal of Marty McFly, and others favor him snorting rails of coke in Bright Lights, Big City, but for the true lovers of camp out there, nothing beats seeing Fox as a werewolf decked out in a pair of shades, surfing on top of a van or schooling fools out on the basketball court. In fact, some people, believe it or not, love Teen Wolf so much that they’ve gotten tattoo tributes that would make even Stiles jealous.

For those who haven’t had the life-changing experience of watching Teen Wolf, you’re missing out. It follows the story of Scott Howard, a teenager on the lower end of the high school food chain, who one day discovers that he can transform into a werewolf at will. His newfound supernatural ability turns his life from humdrum to totally bitchin’ in the blink of an eye. The movie came out in 1985, garnering both commercial success and critical vitriol. While it grossed over 33 million dollars, some reviewers called it things like “aggressively boring.” These naysayers couldn’t have been more wrong; not is it only infinitely entertaining, it has stood the test of time and is even more beloved today than it was back then.

No matter who you are — a single mother, garbageman, the President of the United States, teenager with hoop dreams, lycanthrope, tattoo journalist, you name it — Teen Wolf speaks to us all because of its compelling message about self-acceptance and living one’s best life. Everyone experiences it at one point or another — that unbearable feeling of being a loser. This is what made the film and it’s moral of unlocking one’s untapped potential resonate with the largely disillusioned American audience of the mid ‘80s. It was a time of despair, much like our own, when the War on Drugs and movie producers were paradoxically at an all time high and social strife ran rampant due to the effects of Reaganomics and other problematic domestic and international policies. The country was in a slump, and everyone was ready for change, which is exactly what made Teen Wolf so salient at the time.

Because of how Teen Wolf acts as an allegory for transcending life’s limitations, it has accrued a tremendous fanbase, acting as a beacon of hope for the downtrodden over the course of the last 32 years. This is why having a Teen Wolf tattoo makes such a profound statement. It tells the world around you that, just like Scott playing his heart out in the final game of the season, you’re in it to win it no matter what it takes.

An amazing color portrait of Michael J. Fox in Teen Wolf by Chris Jones (IG—chrisjonestattoos). #ChrisJones #color #MichaelJFox #portraiture #TeenWolf

To see more body art based on some of the best cult classics of all time, maybe even a few more Teen Wolf tattoos, too, prowl over to these tattooists’ Instagrams. If you want a tattoo of Fox covered in what looks like shag carpet, have one of them design a tattoo of the wolf for you.

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Written byRoss Howerton

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