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What do Slim Jimmy's & Swae Lee's of Rae Sremmurd Tattoos Mean?

What do Slim Jimmy's & Swae Lee's of Rae Sremmurd Tattoos Mean?

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Have you seen the new Black Beatles music video?

The young duo of Rae Sremmurd, Slim Jimmy & Swae Lee have just released a music video for their single Black Beatles, which instantly became an instant classic.

Who better to feature in this single than the man himself, the highly acclaimed Atlanta rapper Gucci 'GUWOP' Mane . Since he recently got out of jail, Gucci has stayed in the headlines, mainly due to his incredible rebound and managing to climb back to the top of the ranks in no time. I wouldn't be the only one to agree that's where he deserves to stay, especially since he's been proclaimed as one of the smarter rappers out there as he's known for strong work ethics and his ability to stay stackin' and flippin'. His jail-house physique and unrecognizable lingo have even started rumors that he was cloned while in jail. His response to that was "Dang I must really look fresh."

Slim Jimmy told fader: "I got sremmlife on my stomach the year we signed our record deal. I got it in Atlanta just for the hell of it. I said, 'I'm a rapper now, fuck it.' It's paying homage to Tupac, he had a thug life and he really believed in it, so I got sremmlife because I really believe in it. This is something from Mississippi we started, it's my lifestyle."

"I got these torches because when I come through I wanna come through like a king and come through like royalty. When I come through you need to have the torches lit, it need to be lit. It's mandatory. The superman tattoo I got when I was like 15, I was going through a lot, my life was hard, I was poor, and I was always faced with something within my city. I decided to get Superman because he's one of my favorite characters of all time. He had laser vision for christ's sake."

Check out the music video and behind-the-scenes below!

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