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What Glitters Isn't Always Gold: Sparkly Tattoos

What Glitters Isn't Always Gold: Sparkly Tattoos

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Look at all this glitz and glimmer! These sparkly tattoos will catch your eye from a mile away.

Sparkly tattoos come in many different forms...just as sparkles come in many different forms. Gems, jewels, confetti, glitter, the glint in a lovely ladies eye. You name it. We got it, and probably in this selection of sparkly tattoos! We've brought together all the different types of sparkle we could think of. Ornamental pieces that drip with jewels and lace, illustrations of space that glow with the light of a thousand stars, and even the spark within the eyes of a human, and even a kitty or fox! Whether it's an implied sparkle or actual sparkle, we hope you dig these ultra magnificent tattoos.

This selection of sparkly tattoos also helps to show, that once again, no matter what kind of tattoo you want it can be created in many different styles, techniques and aesthetics. It all just depends on the type of tattoo you want, and the kind of artist you get. If you want a sparkly tattoo that glimmers like Jenna Kerr's pieces you wouldn't go to a traditional artist, right? You'd hit Jenna Kerr up because she's the best of the best! You want the right person for the project...that's why we're here. We want you to get the best tattoo by the best artists no matter your location.

And we get it, Jenna Kerr may be a thousand miles away from where you're at, and if you don't have the cash to pull a plane ticket right now, no worries. Either you save up because you love her work that much, or we can help you find an artist in your area that will be able to pull out a sparkly tattoo that is similar. But lets be real, sometimes it's just worth it to go straight to the source! Plus, we all need to treat ourselves well, right?

Written byTattoodo

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