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What Horrors Come This Way? Monster Tattoos

What Horrors Come This Way? Monster Tattoos

Tattoo Ideas2 min Read

Ghosts, demons, and devils, oh my! These dark art and Blackwork monster tattoos will surely haunt your dreams.

Whether or not dark art may be of interest to you, here we have some fascinating examples of darkness in all it's gloomy glory. These grim monster tattoos are evil incarnate...ready to take some part of your skin for themselves to lord over for a short eternity! Until you die...and then perhaps they'll just haunt your coffin or crematory urn. It's up to you to look further...but if you love all things creepy and crawly, we're sure that these particular pieces will give you the spine tingling nightmare fever that you crave!

Vampires, ghouls, ghosts, and devils all come to play here, in their many looks and characters. Whether tattooed in the styles of Realism, Illustrative, or Neo Traditional, there are about as many aesthetics within tattooing as there are legends of monsters themselves! And although clearly some of these monster tattoos took from imagination alone, some of them wonderfully capture some of our favorite demons...Dracula by Eliot Kohek and The Joker by Fred Thomas are two infamous characters, ones that have been depicted in film, books, and even music. And while Dracula is definitely what one would consider an actual "monster", technically The Joker pulls it off by just being a totally insane and awful human. It could be said that, perhaps, what makes a monster is just simply being evil.

Which brings us to our next aware, of course, that monsters aren't always decrepit or demonic in form. Hori Benny's kawaii gut splaying, three eyed sprite looks like she may have been very alluring before she got sawed in half...Berly Boy's piece is another example of anime or manga being used to create a compelling piece. Clearly a cute little vampire, if she wasn't biting her own lip until it bled she would also be considered a super sweetie! But, ya know, it's a good way to get what you want right? We're pretty sure there's actually a history of sexy ladies using their female powers of persuasion to entice and then devour men, either literally or metaphorically.... Poison Ivy, Mystique, Catwoman, Catherine Tramell, Praying Mantis' get the picture.

No matter what harrowing creature holds your heart, we hope these monster tattoos get your blood running hot for some new inklings! Creepy crawly creatures everywhere, no matter what day it is...since, for some, Halloween runs all year long! If you're interested in getting a new tattoo, make sure to check our Tattoodo App which no has an awesome booking feature. This allows you to book your next tattoo, monster or otherwise, with tattooists in your area! Meet awesome new artists, find cool new shops, and get some brand new ink with our help. You know we'll always be here no matter what your tattoo needs may be!

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