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What Tattoodo Pro Offers Artists

What Tattoodo Pro Offers Artists

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Stand out with more exposure, get direct access to clients around the world, improve your drawing skills, and so much more.

Designed as a business tool for tattoo artists and studios, Tattoodo Pro has all of the essential elements to make the commercial aspect of this craft as seamless as possible. Because, really, the easier business is to conduct, the more you can concentrate on creating great art.

Below, we go through all the special features that Pro members get access to and how they can help your business flourish.

Chris Garver tattooing

Art Classes

Our Art Classes feature drawing tutorials by industry heavy hitters such as Chris Garver, Valerie Vargas, and Claudia De Sabe. These classes range from many different styles as well as many varied motifs and iconography, so you can easily browse through until you see something that catches your eye. We come out with new episodes on a regular basis, so you can keep picking up tips and tricks throughout the year.

Client Leads

Looking to fill gaps in your calendar? You can now contact clients with tattoo requests in your area and set appointments. We have two options for clients: direct bookings and available client leads.

Direct bookings are sent to a specific artist the client has chosen. Client leads are an open brief sent out to artists in a specific geo-location. This works both ways: the artist can choose if they are interested in specific projects, while the client can match up with artists that fit their specific wants or needs.

To learn more about how Client Leads work, check out our article - Tattoodo Leads: Connecting Artists and Clients.

Artist Promotion

Visibility is vital. As a Tattoodo Pro member, we’ll be promoting you within our artist directory and clients will be able to find your profile through searches as well. You even have the chance to be spotlit on our social media accounts including both our Instagram accounts, Tattoodo and, as well as our Facebook.

Deposit Requests

Money is nice. That’s why we’ve made it possible for verified artists to request deposits, or even full payments for tattoos, through Tattoodo. Once you send a client a payment request, they can pay it via card, Google pay, iPay, and even Klarna.

Financing for Clients

Now clients can pay for a tattoo ahead of time within our app using Klarna. Less wait time for them, means more cash for you. It’s a total win win: they don’t have to wait to save for a new tattoo, and you get clients who are actually down to pay right now...not later. Klarna only available in certain countries, but they include Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Great Britain and the USA.


Once you connect with a client and decide on a date for the appointment that suits both schedules, you can send the date via “Calendar”. You can then hit “Add to Calendar” and it will save to your phone's calendar for an easy reminder! This is often much easier than the analog planner style of keeping track of appointments.

Instagram Extension

The Tattoodo IG extension allows people to sign up for your client list, request you to their city, and to even book you for a consultation. It also allows you to build a client list so that you can easily message clients to fill no-shows, or update them about guest spots, and more. You can even add in custom links to sites like your web shop or other social platforms.

To learn more about the Instagram Extension, check out our article - Get More Out of Your Instagram

Supply Perks

Get more bang for your buck with discounts on supplies, art books, merch, and more. We work with awesome companies like Solid Ink, Monmon Cats, and Kosei Publications. We’re also always working on bringing you more perks from legit, well-respected companies that tattooers love.

Google Integration

Google My Business is what shows up when people search for your particular business. What our Google integration means is that once your Tattoodo profile is synced, clients will be able to discover and directly contact you for consultations. Just another way we’re making business streamlined for you.

Price and Free Trial

For pricing and free trials, head over to our Pricing Page so you can set up shop!

Below are some tattoos by Pro artists on our platform. Click through to check out their profile and get a good idea of how your profile will look as well!

Tattoo by Richeler #Richeler
Tattoo by Richeler #Richeler

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