What the Hell is This Sh** Anyway? Ignorant Style Tattoos

What the Hell is This Sh** Anyway? Ignorant Style Tattoos

In this collection of ignorant style tattoos we talk about the current trend and why it exists...and why you might actually love it.

You may hate it or love it...but it's clear that Ignorant style tattoos are here to stay. So, what the big deal anyway? Well, we'll tell you!

Basically...ignorant tattoos started because the tattoo industry felt really exclusive and elite to a lot of people...now, this is a good thing and a bad thing. Tattooing should definitely be inclusive of all: it's creativity that we should all be able to embrace and celebrate in our own ways...but it also meant that there were particular standards, techniques, ways of doing things that meant your health and safety was taken into consideration. But all these tattoo rules and regulations were kept secret...why? To protect the art form.

But, let's face it, with the internet came tons of information easily found and digested by pretty much anyone who could find it. And this included ways to tattoo...it also meant that literally anyone could buy a tattoo machine, even 13 year olds using their moms credit card on Amazon. 

Not only did it mean that more people were able to find out how to tattoo (sort of), it also meant that new tattooers were experimenting and finding new ways to express themselves. This created an influx of illustrative, abstract, watercolor, expressionism, and more...

The ignorant style tattoos in this collection are pretty indicative of that particular aesthetic. They look like doodles, some of them, or sketches torn out of a sketchbook. A lot of them are hilarious, and have a totally different take on this artistic world than what's usually found. It's unique! 

Although some people believe that tattooing is a sacred practice, and that the tattoo experience is to be revered and respected...some people don't feel that way. And that's totally okay. Different strokes for different folks, ya know? Just as it's important for tattooing to be inclusive of all types, it's important that everyone is able to express themselves freely...obviously, as long as they're not hurting anyone!

Some of these tattoo artists are self-taught, while others did the old school apprenticeship and are just attracted to this style of tattooing. Everyone has a different path, but what's most important is that these tattooists aren't tattooing out of their basement. Although it may be called Ignorant, these artists are well versed in different aspects of tattoo safety that makes sure your health is a priority. 

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Tattoodo loves to include all types, but we also like to make sure that, no matter your style preference, you get high quality tattoos that will last a lifetime in a clean, respectful, and friendly environment. The term "Ignorant" may be misleading...but leave it to us to find you a tattoo studio that really f***ing rules.

If you like what you see in this collection, or even if you don't....not only do we have tons more inspo for ya, we can also help you book your next tattoo with a tattooist who knows what's up.

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