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What To Expect With A Custom Tattoo

What To Expect With A Custom Tattoo

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You’ve decided you want original art rather than flash — how do you go about getting what you want?

Tattoodo is your number one destination for everything tattoos — finding a shop, preparing for your first tattoo, learning more about the tattoo community. Our guides are meant as a toolkit to help you be the best client and learn how to work with your tattoo artist to create the tattoo of your dreams. Remember: No matter what you read on the internet, your artist’s advice should be considered the gold standard.

3. Your own art means your own original art.

Ornate by Taras Shtanko (via IG-taras_shtanko) #fineline #blackandgrey #sternum #underboob #TarasShtanko

6. Time is money and money is time

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