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What's in a Tattoo? Tamara Santibanez Says It's All Relative

What's in a Tattoo? Tamara Santibanez Says It's All Relative

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We sat down with the fine lined black and grey artist to talk about what makes a tattoo "good."

Tamara Santibanez is best known for her flawless fine lined black and grey work. Combining chicanx iconography with fetish imagery, she creates the unlikely subcategory of sexually liberated chicanx punk — which interestingly enough, describes Santibanez to a T. 

Chicana woman by Tamara Santibanez (via IG-tamarasantibanez) #artist #ChicanoTattoos #kink #punk #finelined #blackandgrey #TamaraSantibanez

While trying to find the perfect artist that reflects your own personal style can be a bit tricky, there are a few things to keep in mind while on the hunt. “I think there’s the basics of course, making sure the color is saturated, the blacks are saturated, and the line work is solid,” Santibanez says. "You gotta use that new Instagram zoom and get in there. But at the same time I try to do really great tattoos, and I do fine lined. So precision is important with that style.”

So regardless of if you’re looking for a fine lined black and grey artist like Santibanez, or perhaps a more “‘90s wild style” vibe like Hundahl, Santibanez is right about one thing: if you do the research, and find an artist that you click with, you’re golden.

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