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What's Soft and Fuzzy and Round All Over? Peach Tattoos.

What's Soft and Fuzzy and Round All Over? Peach Tattoos.

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These peach tattoos are sweeter than a dream, just add cream!

Peach tattoos are an on going trend that we can totally get behind. They're cute, sort of weirdly sexy, and fun...and on top of that, sometimes you just need a really solid filler in between all those other tattoos you have, right? Peach tattoos are the perfect thing. Plus, who doesn't love a lil pink fruity food tattoo somewhere on their bod? Even hardcore dudes can get behind these fuzzy round babies...if you check out all the super serious Irezumi artists, you're sure to find peach tattoos here and there. We promise you will never be disappointed if you choose to place one of these cuties somewhere on your skin. 

Speaking of peach tattoos being weirdly sexy, you may have noticed the current craze of peaches being endowed with certain female private parts. It's actually not a new thing: the Japanese have a long history of merging inanimate objects, animals, yokai, and other various doohickeys with human body parts. Although we didn't include any pussy peaches in this collection of peach tattoos, we're sure you'll start seeing them everywhere now that we've brought them to your attention, if you haven't noticed them already! The Japanese have always been a lil pervy, and we couldn't be happier about it.

Peaches and cream, you know what I mean? As per usual, we're all about bringing you awesome pieces that inspire you for your next ink adventure. If these peach tattoos don't exactly hit the spot, we hope that tomorrows collection will do it for you. If you're looking for something in particular feel free to reach out! We're here to help you find the perfect artist for your dream tattoo. You can always check out our Tattoodo App for a more direct way to contact us and your favorite artists. We'll see you there!

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