What’s The Story With These Wishbone Tattoos?

What’s The Story With These Wishbone Tattoos?

We tried to pay homage to one of our favorite ‘90s dogs, and things went oh so wrong.

We recently took an office poll here at Tattoodo about what our favorite things in the world are. After counting many submissions, two things were vying neck and neck for the top spot – dogs and literacy. This sparked a healthy trip down memory lane as we recalled our favorite episodes of Wishbone, the PBS show about a Jack Russell terrier that reenacts pieces of classic literature. We all agreed, we had to run an article on Wishbone tattoos.

Wishbone, as we’re sure you’re all aware, was a children’s television show that ran on PBS for two seasons between 1995 and 1997. The show starred a perky little pupper named Soccer. As Wishbone, Soccer brought classic literature to life when the plots from novels of yore closely mirrored the real world lives of his owners. The voice of Wishbone was provided by Larry Brantly, who now works at the Medieval Times in Dallas. Seeing as how the show started over 20 years ago, Soccer is most assuredly dead by now. And what better way to honor his memory than with some Wishbone tattoos?

Well, we ran into a big fucking problem right off the bat. Searching for “Wishbone tattoo” just brings up a lot of tattoos of actual wishbones, which we sort of forgot were things. Someone shouted to search “Wishbone dog tattoo” and that yielded the piece at the start of this article. But that was it. We had to do something different.

Some of the staff were of the opinion that we should just say fuck it and just post a bunch of Jack Russell terrier tattoos knowing full well that they weren’t actually Wishbone. That deception didn’t sit well with the other half of the office.

So, in the end we decided to just run the actual wishbone tattoos.

If you think about it, snapping the bones of a bird in half while in a dinnertime competition for a wish has a lot of parallels with the show Wishbone. We’re sure you can imagine all the ways in which breaking the bones of a dead animal encourages appreciation for literary classics from an early age.

So, just go ahead and fill in that blank. If you can’t immediately make the connection, just take a gander at these wishbone tattoos. We’ve also included a few other Jack Russell terrier tattoos because they’re super cute. And because we just don’t give a fuck any more.

Don’t those super cool wishbone tattoos just make you want to revisit the classic children’s television show Wishbone? Hell yeah they do, and the whole thing’s on Youtube, so get cracking.

(Author’s note: Do you know how fucking hard it is to get a phone call put through to a specific Medieval Times location? While trying to fact check this piece, I tried no less than three elaborate ruses complete with different accents to get the corporate call center to put me through to the Dallas location with no luck.)

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