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When Painters Turn into Tattoo Artists: Szymon Gdowicz

When Painters Turn into Tattoo Artists: Szymon Gdowicz

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When two fine art forms meet in the hands of an artist with a vision, some pretty amazing things come to life. Let Szymon Gdowicz show you.

Even with a long list of acclamations and awards, Szymon Gdowicz thirsts for more as he strives to achieve something greater than he did the day before, with each and every art form he touches.

Although relatively unknown in the tattoo scene, Szymon makes his mark through artful splashes and alternative, semi-abstract tattoos, which are reminiscent of contemporary art and brushstroke styles. Never wandering too far from his passion for painting, he's got all the things in his pieces that will make a modernist tattoo fan go mad with delight. 

The 32-year-old tattoo artist and painter hails from Krakow, Poland. He currently operates at Kult Tattoo Fest. Regarding specific styles and techniques, I find Szymon's very alternative, as if to make a bold statement. He plays with a lot of elements of painting, borrowing from contemporary tattoo art and occasionally pop culture. You'll find brushstrokes, you'll find Peter Pan and the Deathly Hallows symbol, and you'll even get a colorblind test-inspired piece.

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Lovely rainbow brushstroke abstraction by Syzmon Gdowicz #brushstroke #brushstrokes #SyzmonGdowicz #PainTing #abstract #watercolor #fineart #bold #rainbow
Lovely rainbow brushstroke abstraction by Syzmon Gdowicz #brushstroke #brushstrokes #SyzmonGdowicz #PainTing #abstract #watercolor #fineart #bold #rainbow

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Check out the rest of Szymon's spectacular works here.

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