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When You Wish Upon A Star Tattoo

When You Wish Upon A Star Tattoo

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

Star tattoos, constellation tattoos, and unique twists on the usual — get starry eyed with this gallery.

Since the dawn of recorded time, humans have been compelled by the stars. We've written constant meaning onto the cosmos — life, death, the gods, the goddesses. We've made the stars our way of navigating the seas, of finding our way home. So of course, we also tattoo these constellations and their various meanings onto our bodies. It acts, to some degree, as a way to always remember these bright beacons, even when it's daylight. 

Zodiac symbols, of course, are some of the more commonly known constellations. Taurus as the bull, Gemini as the twins. A Zodiac tattoo is a double whammy if you incorporate the constellation into it.

Our futures may or may not be written in the stars, but one thing is certain: these stars are certainly written on these people.

Written byXavier

When she's not writing for Tattoodo, Xavier likes experimenting with art and organizing local music shows. We're kidding, she's probably asleep. Follow her on Instagram @claudia_strife

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