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Where Nouveau and Deco Meet: Neo Traditional Tattoos

Where Nouveau and Deco Meet: Neo Traditional Tattoos

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With foundations in some of the most eye catching art movements, Neo Traditional tattoos will always be enthralling and on trend.

Get this: have you ever thought about what makes design or an art form so incredibly powerful or successful? Have you ever found yourself looking at something and been like, "Holy crap, that's so good."? We hope so...since we're always trying to blow your mind with amazing tattoo arts and events...but what is behind great artwork is simply right in the history books. Art movements of the past that inform contemporary art today have defined and supported the growth and prosperity of aesthetics. There are just some things, design wise, that makes things look freakin' oh so good. And nothing could be a better example than Neo Traditional tattoos.

This collection of Neo Traditional tattoos shows just exactly what techniques, concepts, colors, and more, that make great designs. It also helps that not only does Neo Trad have a foundation in Traditional tattooing, which has rules in place so that the design not only looks good, but ages well, but this style also has roots in two of the most exciting and inspiring art movements in history: Art Nouveau and Art Deco. Influenced by Japanese artistry and folk arts, Art Nouveau and Art Deco are huge inspirations to Neo Traditional and we couldn't be happier about it: it's part of why we can't stop staring at these pieces.

Notice the brilliant colors, the white details, the luxurious use of pearls, lace, and gold filigree. All of it is incredibly rich and eye catching. These pieces hold you captive. They blend natural life with a magic and spark unlike any other tattooing style out there. And each artist brings to their work something unique and special. Tattooists like Hannah Flowers, Antony Flemming, and Miss Juliet may be inspired by Mucha and Klimt, but they surely make Neo Traditional tattooing all their own.

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