Where the Heart Is: Stunning Chest Tattoos

Where the Heart Is: Stunning Chest Tattoos

It's one of the first pieces people will see, and deserves some thought. These chest tattoos are perfect examples of how to go about it.

Okay, obviously people see your face first. And then maybe your neck....maybe they're concentrating on your eyes and not looking all over the place...but certainly the chest is a very open and obvious place, a very large space, for a tattoo. Chest tattoos pop out all over the place, and the moment you have one...your entire wardrobe will be built around the gorgeous piece of work you have blessed over your heart. Check out this collection of chest tattoos for eye poppin' lip smackin' heart jumpin' goodness!

Just like back pieces, chest tattoos are a very singular example of the devotion to the art form of tattooing and to the tattoo artist you choose to ink you up. Because it is one of the first places people will notice, and in a spot that you'll be viewing literally for the rest of your life...it's best to choose something that you know you'll love forever as well as an artist who you know will give you a great experience you'll never want to forget. Just think: every time you look in the mirror to admire all your incredible ink, you'll want to smile because your chest tattoo is a perfect embodiment of everything you love...after all, it is right about your heart!

As per usual, we've brought this collection of chest tattoos to you because...well, we love tattoos, we love sharing them, we love getting them, we love supporting them and the people who make them, and we love seeing the ones you get too! Don't forget to head over to our new Facebook community and share your pieces with us! We love to hear your voice, get your feedback, and see what artists and tattoos you're totally feelin' these days...we always want to remind you that Tattoodo is awesome, but it wouldn't be as awesome without you!

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