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White Rabbits in a Purple Haze: Psychedelic Tattoos

White Rabbits in a Purple Haze: Psychedelic Tattoos

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These psychedelic tattoos are drenched in colors of another world, another reality, ascending a totally different plane of consciousness.

Though eating those funny little mushies and popping a lil tab here and there may not be a natural proclivity of yours, it's no doubt that anyone can enjoy a sweet trip down trippy lane with these psychedelic tattoos. Styles of tattooing these days seem to be evolving and changing faster than ever, and with the introduction of things like watercolor or painterly pieces, psychedelic tattoos like these have found an audience that appreciates their strange surreal quality and particularly strong infused feelings of otherworldly places or feelings.

You don't really need to eat could just check out this sick selection of psychedelic tattoos for a taste of ascension to another reality. Or...if you are interested in stepping into the actual world of trippin balls, not that we would ever support such a thing...wink should definitely do some research before you take the dive. Psychedelics have been used by humans for centuries. In ancient times they were mostly used by shamans, or in deeply sacred rituals. Keep this in mind when treading into this territory...psilocybin and psilocin, LSD, DMT, Peyote and others deserve the utmost respect and care when using. It's the same with these psychedelic tattoos. These artists respect the quality and tradition of tattooing...which is part of the reason why they are able to create such powerful pieces.

The experience of psychedelics can be profound, which may be another reason why these psychedelic tattoos are so eye catching and inspiring. Being able to take something that allows you to tap into parts of your brain, and part of perspective or reality, that you definitely can't tap into otherwise can be a life changing experience. Sort of like getting a tattoo!! Transcendent experiences can allow you to feel more connected and more at peace with the world around you...just make sure you don't have a bad trip!

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