Who Doesn't Love Some Head... Tattoos?

Who Doesn't Love Some Head... Tattoos?

Head tattoos are quite bold, but sometimes a statement needs to be made.

I think we all remember our first time. We're a little nervous, very excited, maybe we've even got the jitters. You don't know what to expect, hell you might not even know how it's done at all. It can lead to a lot of confusion, embarrassment, and regretful memories if you aren't exactly sure what you're doing.

One thing that's certain is that you've been waiting just about your whole life to do this, and now that the time has come, you're not sure you want it anymore. You feel a little sick to your stomach, adrenaline is rushing through your body like a mighty river, but it's too late to go back now. You might not be ready, but this is going down.

"Oh God." you think, "What will people think of me after this is all finished? Will they look at me differently? Will they think I'm cooler suddenly? Will my life change?"

Oh, your life will change completely.

Of course, I'm talking about getting a head tattoo. What were you thinking about, silly? GET YER HEAD OUTTA THE GUTTER! 

Getting a head tattoo is one of the boldest moves a person can make. If you grow out your hair, it's not nearly as visible as a forearm tattoo, but you'll always know a piece of art is lurking just under the surface, waiting to be unleashed like a rabid tiger.

Unveiling a scalp tattoo can welcome a ton of eyes on you. People are going to look. And you know what I say? Let 'em look! That's why you got the dang thing! There are few bolder moves in the tattoo industry than getting a scalp tattoo, and sometimes a statement needs to be made, dammit.

So check out these scalp tattoos and see if you feel inspired by any of them, perhaps you'll want to get a head tattoo of your own one of these days.

No one will question your boldness if you show up to a party with a scalp tattoo. So, be bold. To quote an old proverb, "Fortune favors the bold." A kickass scalp tattoo may bring you fortune, so go for it!

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