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Who Doesn't Love Tattooed Lady Tattoos?

Who Doesn't Love Tattooed Lady Tattoos?

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

If we could cover our body with one thing it would be beautiful tattooed lady tattoos!

Tattooed ladies are some of our favorite things on this planet. So, it makes sense that these tattooed lady tattoos would also be some of our favorite things. They are visualizations of empowerment. Truly. Did you know that women have a slightly higher predilection towards getting tattoos than men? It may have something to do with the fact that their pain tolerances are higher...since, ya know, they give birth and everything. But think about it this way too: Woman have to fight against sexism every day...considering tattooed people have been fighting stigmas from the get go, tattooed women do double time on the fight against ignorant BS.

But even beyond all that deep and existential political stuff, we have to admit that these tattooed lady tattoos are just some of the best eye candy around. It makes sense right? We could look at bad ass tattoos all day long, and we could certainly admire babes all day too! And just as much as we appreciate their brains, we can't help checkin out their bods...Especially when they're covered in seriously sick ink. We make sure not to stare with our mouths open and everything...but, no lie, we certainly had fun putting together this gorgeous collection of pieces.

We'd like to see practically every human on the face of the Earth to be covered in some ink, especially if it's rad af tattooed lady tattoos...because they're an embodiment of the power and beauty of women. We just hope that if you decide to get a lady head, or babe portrait, that you'll do it in a respectful and tasteful way. Or at least not taking advantage of all that females have to offer...they get it enough as it is! Keep it stylin, and you may just be able to use your lovely lady tattoo to pick actual lady!

Written byTattoodo

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