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Who Put My Stapler in Jello AGAIN? Hilarious TV Show Tattoos 4 You

Who Put My Stapler in Jello AGAIN? Hilarious TV Show Tattoos 4 You

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You can't live without your favorite tv shows, so why should you live without your favorite tv show tattoos?

For whatever reason Traditional Style tattooers seem to have cornered the market on funny TV Show Tattoos...take Alex Zampirri's strange portrait of Jesus Christ with the Pink Panther jumping out of his face, even fitted with stigmata and rainbow...then there's Berly Boy's coy looking Pink Panther, or Tony Talbert's hilarious homage to The Office...we just wanna meet the people out there who are willing to give their skin over to these artists for, oh, a stapler in jello. Devotion goes deep to your favorite TV shows, and TV show tattoos! Think about it...if someone came up to you and said, "The Simpsons sucks." How would you feel?

Well, just show them your tattoo by Rukus of Lisa Simpson and we're sure they'll realize that they're talking to the wrong freaking person. We know the haters are out there, we just don't care to hear their negative Nancy BS. Because really, we all have our favorite shows...those TV hits that we come home from work just super excited to sit on our couch and enjoy. They are our stress release, our escape from the grind of the real world. Here, on our couch watching our favorite show, we can giggle like a loon and no one can say a goddamn thing. Here: WE ARE KINGS.

Couch kings, buts kings none the less. No one can tell us what to do here! My couch, my rules. Now hand me a beer, some potato chips, and a foot rest so I can get super down with The Simpsons, or Looney Toons, or Powerpuff Girls, or even The Real World. It doesn't freakin matter. These TV Show tattoos just show how much we love these respites from the rat race, these laugh factories in television form. Thank goodness to writers, producers, and everyone behind the scenes for creating our favorite shows!

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