Who Run the World: Lovely Lady Tattoos for Tattoo of the Day

Who Run the World: Lovely Lady Tattoos for Tattoo of the Day

Who run the world? Girls. Beyonce said it, we believe it. Today's collection celebrates the ladies with lady tattoos.

Women are pretty amazing, right? They're super strong, gorgeous, smart, talented, interesting...just totally amazing. We know Beyoncé wasn't exactly thinking tattoos when she sang the incredible song Run The World, but we think these Lady tattoos will do just fine as homage to this wonderful world of women. We've gathered some fine pieces that span different styles, concepts, and personalities...just like the diverse community we all live in! We love that these lady tattoos embody so many distinct ladies...there are so many women to celebrate, so many tattoos, so little time!

Lady tattoos are always a good concept because they could be designed in so many different ways. There are so many things about women that could inspire pieces like these! For example, did you know the first person to ride Niagara Falls in a barrel and actually survive was a 63 year old school teacher named Annie...she also brought her cat along for the ride. Did you also know that the world's first novel "The Tale of Genji" was written in Japan by a noblewomen named Murasaki Shikibu? There's also the fascinating fact that women work 30 more minutes a day, on average, than men. There are a million different facts out there to be astounded and inspired by...but since we aren't scientists or sociologist, we thought it would be easier to just show off some super kill lady tattoos.

As usual we've brought you the best of the best spanning different styles and concepts for this selection of lady tattoos. We've also thrown in some of our heroes: Elvira, Scully, and the illustrious Marlene Dietrich, an actress whose career spanned from 1910 to 1980! These lady tattoos celebrate the beauty of the female form, mind and heart. Who wouldn't want to be covered in ink that commemorates these lovely ladies? Cuz who run the world? Girls...duh! :-D

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