Who? Who? Who? Owl Tattoos by Teresa Sharpe, That's Who

Who? Who? Who? Owl Tattoos by Teresa Sharpe, That's Who

Here's a post for all you night owls out there.

We love all of Teresa Sharpe's work, but her tattoos of owls hold a special place in our hearts. She has a penchant for illustrating these nocturnal birds of prey in her neo-traditional and fairy-talesque style. Check out these sometimes intense and other times cheerful depictions of these winged beasts with big glowing eyes from her astounding body of work.

We appreciate how Sharpe has illustrated so many different species of these silent hunters, including Great Horned as well as Barn Owls. Some of them seem to dive, talons outstretched, toward their dinner, while others perch on boughs, skulls, and even teacups, cocking their round faces or nurturing their young. Each one, in all it's feathery glory, is breathtakingly exquisite and rich with softly colored detail. They all just make us wants to hoot!

Sharpe frequently depicts owls as holding keys and locks, which given their longstanding association with intelligence as harbingers of wisdom, situates them as being guardians of knowledge. Sharpe's basically the Athena of the tattoo pantheon.

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A wonderful owl sleeve by Teresa Sharpe (IG—teresasharpeart). #color #lantern #moth #neotraditional #owl #squirrel #TeresaSharpe

We hope you found these owl tattoos by Sharpe as sublime as we did. Each one captures the natural prowess of these beautiful yet fearsome creatures of the night. If you want to see more of her enchanting neotraditional work, glide on over to her Instagram, and should you want one of these winged keepers of wisdom of your own, consider having her illustrate it. 

Who! Who! Whooo!

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